Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random thoughts on Eden and Cain & Abel

Eden - I've read a couple of scholars' interesting views about Eden being the first "Temple" or sanctuary of God's Presence mentioned in Scripture. That's a fascinating concept, since we always think of God living "in heaven"... but God's plan was always to dwell WITH and IN His people. Thus the "Body" of Christ, the "Temple" of the Living God. This dwelling with His people began with the first people, Adam & Eve

Cain and Abel - God accepted Abel's sacrifice because of the attitude of his heart, not because he offered an animal instead of fruit or plants. Both kinds of offerings (animal and grain) are acceptable and prescribed in the Levitical law. God was pleased with Abel because he sought to give God his best. We should have that same attitude when we come to God in worship. It's not about our profession or our socio-economic status - it's about our devotion to the Almighty. He's interested in the condition of our hearts.